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So, it STILL sucks...

...to have fibromyalgia (although I'm still not entirely convinced that this is a useful diagnosis, I must remember to mention it to the new gastroenterologist next week...)

At the moment it's worst in my hands, which totally sux. Just when I am getting out my art supplies after way too long a hiatus, I'm getting hand cramps and frozen hands again. Gloves don't help because dammit I JUST DON'T WARM UP!!


And did I mention we've both been down with Swine Flu (or as it's colloquially known around these parts, "Hog Wog")? Yeah, that's been a treat.

Anything else you want to know (including a pic taken this morning of the VERY fat poodle) is over on the Caityquilter blog....


YAY! So tonight I'm going out to see The Duchess. With several really good friends I've been lucky enough to meet here in Toowoomba. Who also appreciate costume drama chick flicks.

I still miss my Canberra friends - but hey, the phone works BOTH ways, and they haven't called me, either....

You know, I'm feeling really settled here (touch wood, TOUCH WOOD, dammit!) I have a great primary health care doctor, a dentist that doesn't hurt too much, a hairdresser I trust completely... and some really good friends.

BFF is off doing a family thang this weekend though so she won't be at the movies + dinner. She's the one who's really inspired me to sew again - and also been a huge support during all the hassles this year.

And of course I wouldn't be here at all without the wonderful Mr Beloved...

For the first time in my LIFE I think I might be... happy? The black dog still gets me, and I have a bad OCD issue to try and deal with (more on that in another post) but - generally - woot. F'ing amazing.


What has the Caitycat been up to?

WELLLLLLL!! Let's see....

I love living in Toowoomba with Charvolant... usually known as Mr Beloved or the TeaBot5000 if you happen to read my other blog over at caityquilter.com

Still sick ... but feeling HEAPS better after surgery 11 weeks ago - all the annoying girl bits (womb, ovaries, tubes and a whooooooooooole heap of endometriosis) taken away.

Depression: still an issue. Probably always will be. Fibromyalgia: ditto. Hate that. Now that my iron levels are approaching normal for the population I thought I might not feel so exhausted... WRONG!

I'm doing a bit of clothes sewing; less quilting. Trying to lose weight, but not much exercise because of the pain still. Slowly getting there.

I have a darling toy poodle called Constance - rather, as is the way of such things, she owns us.

Any questions?!

Hey look!

Woo hooo! Here I am again! Hope to catch up with some old friends...
This is me now (I must update my user pic!)

Shout it ouT!

A wonderful and blessed birthday to my fantabulous twinnie, gei223 - LOVE YA, sweetie! (pressie follows in slow mail cos I am broke!)

This is some of what I've been up to...

Image behind cut because it are HUGE!! This is some sample bits for my beetles series...behind cut cos it"s HUGECollapse )


Bureaucracy, grrr

Went and did some more paperwork today in the hopes of getting social security to cough up some living money. Fingers crossed. Meantime, I must have been at the top of the priority list at the respiratory specialist - my appointment about the sleep apnoea has moved from January.. to December... to 24 October! YAY!! I go in for a sleep study with the CPAP machine on the 21st. Normally is takes two weeks to get the results back, but the specialist's nurse growled and said "We'll make them do it ON THE PHONE." YAY!!

I'm hoping that once the sleep gets a little better, maybe all the other fallen dominoes of health problems will get better too.

Other than that - not a whole lot going on. I din't get ANY school work done yesterday; and I have another doctor appointment in a couple of hours; maybe I'll get some work done this arvo. Starting to get a bit twitchy and NEEDING to get in and do it, you know?

Ok, off to read email now.


Doing better this evening, but today was v v blah. Burst into tears during class (never good) because EVERYTHING was just too much.
- stressing about dealing with social security
- not keeping up at school
- being BROKE
- worrying about what the fuck this stupid illness has gone and done NOW, because things are NOT RIGHT

BUT there are good things:
- The Beloved is supportive and patient
- I actually have a teacher who LISTENS and syas my contributions in class are worthwhile
- I have a brilliant GP now who DOES investigate further, unlike every other GP I've ever had who basically has told me "It's the fibromyalgia" no matter WHAT I present with - and Goddess knows, I've NEVER been happy with that diagnosis anyway.
- we don't have debts. A huge relief, that. No debt.

So - overall - yeah, I'm okay. I'm still bursting into tears probably every hour, but hey, the rational side seems to be winning...

*peers cautiously around door*

Well hey all. Felt the urge to write to LJ tonight; I've cut my friends list DRASTICALLY - which was kinda icky, but it was INSANE.

So, what have I been up to? Not much. A lot. Depends what you're interested in...

Still chugging along v e r y s l o w l y at art school - keep having to drop subjects because I get all enthused at the start of the term and then EXHAUSTED by half way through. Yuk.

The Beloved is still wonderful (awwww!) and the house is going fine, steadily getting more organised and less cluttered (well, that's the theory, anyway).

I'm waiting for results to come back from a sleep study - if I DO have apnea, it's fixable, and might change my life... we'll see.

Ok, back to reading and catching up. As ever, my other blog is over at http://caitycat.typepad.com


Why I'm not here anymore...

To be honest, LJ just got .. .overwhelming. So many people, so little time, and so little left of me to invest in them. So I left. I have a blog over at typepad (http://caitycat.typepad.com/) and most days you'll find something there, if you're looking for me. But even just scanning over the friends page in LJ is just TOO MUCH for me right now - I just can't give everyone the attention they deserve. I'm so sorry, but that's the way my life is right now.